Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting Perfectly Adapts to HarmonyOS System

Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting has successfully adapted to the HarmonyOS system, becoming one of the first batch of HarmonyOS native applications, contributing to the rapid development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.


As a full-scene distributed operating system, HarmonyOS aims to break down the boundaries between different devices and achieve rapid discovery, rapid connection, hardware mutual assistance, and resource sharing. So far, the number of ecological devices has exceeded 800 million, and there are more than 200 leading companies' HarmonyOS native applications covering convenient life, travel and culture, financial management, social information, productivity tools, audio and video entertainment, and games.


Dingxiang is one of the first batch of HarmonyOS system native application development partners. Several business security products have been perfectly adapted to the HarmonyOS system, which can provide identity verification, device verification, and device protection for HarmonyOS ecosystem users. It can help developers develop efficient end-to-end tools, promote the deployment and operation of enterprise businesses on the HarmonyOS platform, and help the rapid development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

With the popularity of smart terminals, security issues have also become increasingly prominent. Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting provides strong security protection for the business security of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. By generating a unique identifier for the device through the hardware, network, and environmental characteristic information of the user's online device, it can effectively identify risks such as simulators,刷机改机, Root,越狱, and hijacking injection. It can timely discover malicious devices and users, and achieve more accurate risk control and anti-fraud prevention. It can also collect and analyze the device information of customers comprehensively. Through Device Fingerprinting, it can identify virtual machines, proxy servers, simulators, and other maliciously controlled devices. It can analyze whether the device has multiple accounts logged in, whether it frequently changes IP addresses, and whether it frequently changes device attributes. It can help track and identify the activities of fraudsters.


Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting can also provide more advanced personalized services for the business security of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. By collecting and analyzing device information comprehensively, enterprises can better understand user needs and behavior patterns, and then provide more accurate services. This personalized service model not only improves the user experience but also brings more business opportunities for enterprises.

Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting supports Android, iOS, H5, and mini programs. It features rapid对抗, efficient risk identification, over 99% stability, and 100% uniqueness.

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