Android App Defender

Android app hardening and encryption services from AISecurius comprehensively protect app security without requiring additional coding. Experience it for free!

What can we do ?

Function Point

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    DEX file protection
  • function point
    SO file protection
  • function point
    Resource file protection
  • function point
    Data file protection
  • function point
    Program operation protection

Risk scenairos

  • scenairos
    Core code stealing
    Malicious attacks or decompile into readable and writable application code using reverse engineering tools
  • scenairos
    Program logic decryption
    Attacker uses static or dynamic analysis tools to analyze and debug the operation logic of the application and break through the original limitations of the program
  • scenairos
    Malicious code injection
    Attacker maliciously tampers with code and resource files and conducts secondary packaging and re-authorization such as piracy or product placement
  • scenairos
    API interface exposure
    Attacker intercepts the request packet, simulates user behavior to attack the server, tampers with interface data and repeats call

Why AISecurius?

  • Powerful security technology
    Original virtual machine source code protection technology, compared with the open source obfuscation technology, making the decryption significantly more difficult; SAAS platform and private deployment to meet the needs of different customers; no need to upload source code, no need to worry about code leakage
  • Easy operation
    The operation is easy and does not affect the normal development and packaging process, upload the SAAS security platform after packaging to complete the operation at one click; the protection configuration can be adjusted as needed, such as code obfuscation intensity, code obfuscation ratio, and virtual machine protection intensity
  • Available across all platforms and support different languages
    Cross platform compatibility, automatic adaptation to applications, no additional development and adaptation。Support different languages including Java, Kotlin, C#, Lua, JS, Html, C/C++, etc.

How to use

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    Sign up
    Sign up for AISecurius account and log in Defense Cloud
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    Upload defense files
    Read development document, prepare defense files
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    Defend at one click
    Create defense and submit task
  • 4Finish
    Download and run
    After configuration, download the package,usage documentation

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