Device Fingerprinting

Real-time, accurate identification of users and threats with advanced device fingerprinting. Strong, unique device IDs for robust fraud prevention.









Compatible with Android 10 and iOS 14+ device

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fingerprint server


  • Big Data Analytics
  • Multiple factors
  • Similarity algorithms
  • Machine-learning

Device Fingerprinting & Risk Label

Device Fingerprinting
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Product functions

  • functionsDevice Fingerprinting ID
  • functionsPrecise device portrait
  • functionsDevice risk identification
It generates a globally unique Device FingerprintingID for each device will not change with the simulator, virtual machine, flashing and modification.
Device Fingerprinting

Easy Access

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    Apply for services
    Create access product to get appid
  • 2arrow
    Server-side access
    Integrated SDK
  • 3arrow
    Front End Access
    Introduction of JS, Initialisation SDK
  • 4Finish
    Getting Started
    Access successful, view usage documentation
web access code
<script src=""></script>
  var options = {
    appId: [Enter AppID here]',
    userId:[Enter userID here]',
    server: '', 

  as.ConstID(options, function (err, token) {
    if (err) {
      // console.log('error: ' + err);
    // console.log('const-id token is ' + token);

Application Scenario

  • scenarioProtection of accounts
    • Malicious registration
      human-machine recognition, prevention of bulk registration
    • Database theft and credential stuffing
      Prevent brute force cracking and registration through credential stuffing
    • False identity
      Prevent theft and illegal use of identity
  • scenarioMarketing and Promotion
    • Extra profit seeker
      Prevent malicious seckilling coupons and red envelopes
    • Database theft credential stuffing
      Prevent fraud by groups and cheating in channel traffic
  • scenarioTrading / Payments
    • Card cash-out
      Prevent card cash-out, money laundering and fraud
    • Sham transaction
      Prevent malicious click farming, credit speculation and merchant fraud
  • scenarioContent Eco
    • Post reply
      Prevent sending meaningless posts and comment spam in batches
    • Voting and giving a like
      Prevent voting by machine
    • Malicious crawlers
      Prevent malicious crawling of core content on the platform
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