Dingxiang: Multiple security products have been integrated into the HarmonyOS ecosystem

At the HarmonyOS Ecosystem Thousand Sails Launch Ceremony held recently, Huawei Executive Director and CEO of Terminal BG Yu Chengdong said that the HarmonyOS ecosystem has reached 800 million devices and will open up a new trillion-dollar industry blue ocean. 2024012201.png At the forum, Huawei announced that HarmonyOS NEXT Star River Edition (developer preview) is now open for developers to apply for. This version can achieve six extreme native experiences: native refinement, native ease of use, native smoothness, native security, native intelligence, and native interconnection. 2024011901.png

According to public data, there are currently over 200 leading application companies accelerating native development of HarmonyOS, covering a wide range of fields, including convenient living, travel and tourism, financial management, social information, productivity tools, audio-visual entertainment, and games. The HarmonyOS native application map has basically taken shape. In addition, HarmonyOS campus open classes have reached 135 universities, 305 university students have participated in HarmonyOS activities, 286 companies have participated in the HarmonyOS Ecosystem Academy, and over 380,000 developers have passed the HarmonyOS certification.

The HarmonyOS system was originally launched in 2015. It initially supported smart TVs, then supported lightweight IoT devices in 2020, and expanded to smartphones, tablets, watches, and bracelets in 2021. It is currently running on more devices such as cars. To date, the number of HarmonyOS ecosystem devices has exceeded 800 million, a rapid increase compared to August 2023.

As one of the first batch of native application development partners of the HarmonyOS system, Dingxiang's multiple business security products have been perfectly adapted to the HarmonyOS system. They can provide business security capabilities such as identity verification, device verification, and device protection for the HarmonyOS ecosystem. They can help developers to develop efficient end-to-end tools, promote the deployment and operation of enterprise businesses on the HarmonyOS platform, and help the rapid development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. 2024011902.jpg

Dingxiang is a leading business security company in China, committed to helping enterprises build autonomous and controllable business security systems. It has independently developed a one-stop business security perception and defense cloud, including Device Fingerprinting, atbCAPTCHA, Dinsight, App shielding, and Security Perception and Defense Platform. These products have accumulated rich practical experience in industries such as banking, e-commerce, aviation, travel, games, education, tourism, media, government, and intelligent manufacturing. They provide enterprises with a security system covering the full life cycle of pre-event, in-event, and post-event. As of 2023, it has served nearly 4,000 companies in 24 industries.

Dingxiang will leverage its own advantages to provide all-scenario business security services for HarmonyOS ecosystem businesses, and work with Huawei to promote the rapid development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, helping more enterprises to expand the HarmonyOS platform and seize the development opportunities of the new trillion-dollar industry blue ocean.

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