Analysis: Four New Trends in Digital Business Risks in 2023

According to the "2023 Digital Business Risk Data" statistics from the Dingxiang Defense Cloud Business Security Intelligence Center, malicious website scraping is the most common risk, accounting for 37.8% of the total; followed by fake account registration, accounting for 18.79%; ranking third is scalping, accounting for 11.28%; facial recognition risk and facial spoofing risk are gradually emerging, also reaching 1.45%; in addition, other types of risks (loan fraud, cash withdrawal, money laundering, account theft, counterfeit App) account for 30.67%.


Trends: New Business Risk Trends

The Dingxiang Defense Cloud Business Security Intelligence Center has analyzed that the following four trends are emerging in business risk in 2023:

AI-powered fraud is becoming more sophisticated. The use of AI to create fake news, fake messages, fake accounts, fake voices, and fake images is having an increasingly serious impact on society. This false information can not only mislead public perception and judgment, but also undermine social trust and order, and even trigger panic and violence.

Fraud based on technology and social engineering is on the rise. Criminals have been sending out large numbers of crab vouchers, wet wipes, and phone holders, inviting victims to scan QR codes to enter phishing websites or communities, and then carrying out fraud. This type of fraud combines technical and psychological operations, making it difficult to prevent and detect.

CaaS threats are driving a surge in cyber fraud. "Crime as a Service" (CaaS) allows those with the intent to attack but lack the skills to easily launch attacks using one-stop attack services. For those who provide attack services, manufacturing and selling attack products and services can easily enjoy simple, fast, and repeatable sustainable profits. CaaS lowers the barriers to entry and costs for black and gray industry attacks, increases the scale and efficiency of cyber fraud, and poses greater security challenges to businesses.

Black and gray market attacks are becoming more frequent. In the context of economic change, more and more people are resorting to unscrupulous means to pursue profits, leading to an upsurge in cyber black and gray market attacks.

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