Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting: Securing Third-Party Payments

With the development of the internet and mobile internet, third-party payment has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. However, while enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought by third-party payment, we cannot ignore the various business security challenges it faces.

For example, in online transactions, there may be fraudsters who use false information or malicious software to conduct unauthorized payments or transfers; users or merchants may encounter personal information or transaction data being leaked or tampered with when using third-party payment platforms; third-party payment institutions may violate relevant laws and regulations or be subject to penalties from regulatory authorities when conducting business. These may cause serious economic losses and credit damage to users or merchants.

Therefore, third-party payment institutions need to continuously improve their own security capabilities, pay attention to relevant security trends and situations, and take effective measures to ensure business security. In addition to complying with national and industry security standards and norms, using advanced security technologies and means, and establishing good security cooperation relationships with other institutions, third-party payment institutions also need to introduce more innovative security solutions to cope with changing security threats and dema2023121101.jpgnds.

Recently, YeePay introduced Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting to further enhance the security of user login and transaction processes. Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting is a technology that analyzes the hardware, software and behavior data of each device and assigns a unique identifier and recognition to each device. Through device fingerprinting, it can identify virtual machines, proxy servers, emulators and other devices that are maliciously manipulated, analyze whether the device has fraudulent, stolen or other abnormal behaviors, and improve the security of user login and transaction processes.

Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting can also achieve cross-platform, cross-terminal, cross-scenario device identification and association, providing users with more personalized and intelligent services.

YeePay independently developed a comprehensive, multi-angle risk monitoring system that monitors risks in real time 7*24 hours a day, protecting user accounts and transaction security at all times. The system can perform risk assessment and early warning on multiple dimensions such as users, merchants, transactions, devices, etc., and timely discover and stop suspicious or abnormal behaviors. At the same time, YeePay also uses a variety of security measures to ensure the storage and transmission security of user personal information and transaction information. For example, using national encryption algorithms for data encryption; using digital certificates for identity authentication; using SSL protocol for data transmission; using distributed storage system for data backup etc. The introduction of Dingxiang Device Fingerprinting will provide YeePay with more powerful risk identification and prevention capabilities, providing users with a safer, more convenient and smarter payment experience.

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