Device Fingerprinting: Live Streaming Apps Face Screen Recording Theft, Use Device Fingerprinting to Prevent Introduction

Streaming piracy is an illegal online activity that refers to the unauthorized copying, forwarding or re-broadcasting of other people's live or streaming media content on other platforms, thereby infringing on the copyright and interests of the original creators, and also misleading and deceiving the audience.

Streaming pirates usually use screen recording tools or devices to capture other people's live or streaming media content, and then use virtual cameras or other methods to disguise themselves as live broadcasters on other platforms. Streaming pirates often use various means, such as posting false information, advertisements, inducive language, etc., to attract viewers to enter their live rooms or video pages, and obtain traffic and revenue.

Streaming piracy occurs in various fields, such as sports, esports, e-commerce, etc. According to the data released by the China Internet Copyright Monitoring Center in 2019, only for the first half of the Chinese Super League matches, about 31,800 infringing links were detected. The new season of the Premier League piracy situation is equally severe. As of the third round of the league, nearly 10,000 infringing links were found. Among them, only for the Beijing Guoan vs Guangzhou Evergrande match in August, 26 PC-side infringing websites were detected, with 210 infringing links, and 11 mobile-side infringing apps, with 179 infringing links. And before this match, there were even several big Vs who illegally spread related match piracy links. 2023112101.jpg

CoolCow App is an app that focuses on spreading the national traditional culture and local folk customs. Through CoolCow App, users can watch various interesting videos of local folk customs in Guizhou, and interact with the authors and other netizens in real time. In order to prevent the original videos from being pirated, CoolCow App introduced Dingxiang device fingerprint.

Dingxiang device fingerprint is a technology that collects and analyzes the hardware, software and behavior data of each device, and identifies and recognizes each device uniquely. Through Dingxiang device fingerprint technology, CoolCow App can identify devices that use malicious manipulation such as virtual machines, proxy servers, emulators, etc., analyze whether the device has abnormal behaviors such as recording, and thus timely detect and stop piracy. At the same time, Dingxiang device fingerprint technology can also serve as an additional identity verification factor, improving the security of user login and transaction processes. By recording and comparing device fingerprints, CoolCow App can effectively distinguish between legitimate users and potential fraudsters.

In order to further prevent the infringement of piracy, CoolCow App strengthens its supervision capabilities, establishes a sound copyright protection mechanism and punishment mechanism, strengthens the audit and monitoring of live rooms or video pages, timely handles complaints and reports, and imposes penalties such as banning accounts, fines, publicity on the discovered pirates. And some rights protection measures have been strengthened. As soon as the broadcaster finds a pirated video, he can complain to CoolCow App and take necessary measures such as deleting, blocking, disconnecting links to the pirated video.

CoolCow App establishes a good communication and cooperation relationship with the original creators and netizens, and jointly fights against and resists piracy. It also reminds the original video broadcasters to strengthen their self-protection awareness, use watermarks, copyright statements and other methods to indicate their identity and rights, and add some special marks or information to the live or streaming content for identification and tracing.

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