AWS Hong Kong Web3 Solution Day: Dingxiang's Web3 Security Practice Cases Draw Industry Attention

On September 26th, AWS Partner's Web3 Solutions Day was held in Hong Kong. Startups, technical experts and venture capitalists from the fields of artificial intelligence and Web3 had in-depth exchanges on the future development of the universe era. The scene shows the security practice case of the top image defense cloud in the field of finance and Web3.


Web3 is an overall evolution and upgrade of the Internet architecture. Through new agreements, the Internet is more decentralized and more secure, allowing users to master their own digital identity and digital assets, and through the collaborative innovation of technology system and economic system, it promotes the integrated development of digital and real information. This provides technical conditions for the landing of concepts such as universe and universe, and brings more business opportunities and development space. However, this has also triggered a series of security risks and fraud attacks.

Risk of theft of user accounts and digital assets: Since users have their own digital identity and digital assets in Web3, criminals may steal the user's private key, password and other key information by means such as phishing and malicious software, and then steal the user's accounts and digital assets. An attacker may also pretend to be another person's identity, obtain sensitive information, or commit fraud.


Fraud in marketing activities: in marketing activities, there may be wool, cattle buying and other fraudulent behavior. Attackers may obtain illegal interests through multiple accounts, brushing and other ways, resulting in damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise.

Fraud risk in transactions: Due to the correlation between virtual assets and the real world, criminals may forge the transactions or virtual props of virtual assets, induce users to trade or pay, and eventually steal users' assets or personal information.

The characteristics of Web3 determine the ability of users to master the digital identity and digital assets independently. Fraud and user operation are confused together, and it is difficult to effectively protect the traditional black and white security means.

Dingxiang's Defense Cloud Protects Web3 Security

Companies need to use smart contract mechanisms that enable automated rule enforcement and auditing functions to ensure that transactions and operations comply with pre-agreed rules and reduce artificial fraud. At the same time, data analysis and machine learning technology are used to monitor and analyze user behavior and transactions in real time, and a risk assessment model based on user behavior mode is established to identify abnormal behavior and potential fraud risks. In addition, the sharing of fraud information and attacks, through mutual assistance and joint response, improve the overall security protection capability. So as to resist the threat of business fraud, solve the security problems of each business link, and escort the stable and safe operation of Web3 business. 2023101002.jpg The top image defense cloud includes business security intelligence, business perception defense platform, verification code, device fingerprint and end reinforcement and other products. It has six capabilities, such as device authenticity identification, behavior verification, risk perception, high-performance real-time computing, efficient strategy execution and attack restoration. It can integrate the risk situation of the whole network to provide the security attack and defense information for the whole network, form the general strategy and exclusive strategies customized for the demand, and provide real-time iteration and linkage through the cloud; provide risk identification, defense disposal, attack reduction, manual review, association analysis and data precipitation. In addition, it also has the precipitation of black sample data and risk behavior characteristics, and distributed through the cloud to further improve the overall risk prevention and control.


As the first batch of products to pass the inspection and certification of China Information and Communication Institute, Top Elephant Defense Cloud has served dozens of digital collection platforms such as whale storage and fantasy environment. In May 2023, In the "China Network Security Product User Survey Report" jointly released by Ann, the top image ranked second in the marketing security list and first in the blockchain security list.

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