atbCAPTCHA Secures the "Smart Life" Platform

The digital wave is surging, and traditional business models are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In this digital age, the key for businesses and merchants to expand sales channels and seize market share is to accurately locate customer groups and adopt appropriate advertising channels and marketing methods. This way, they can achieve twice the result with half the effort, winning more new customers at a lower cost.

The "Smart Life" platform, with the help of the "production + supply + sales" integrated digital consumption system, helps merchants expand sales channels and promote efficient and convenient transactions. Through various digital tools, the platform helps merchants achieve data precipitation and repurchase conversion, and further flows back to online and offline, realizing multi-channel sales conversion and scene re-reach, forming a virtuous cycle of closed-loop ecosystem with strong "blood-making" ability.

The "Smart Life" platform provides a variety of services, including food, desserts, drinks, daily necessities, personal care, health care products and medicines. Through the diversified physical and online business formats, the platform has established a wider intersection with consumers, promoting the rapid expansion of the product side and channels to meet the needs of consumers in more regions.

The "Smart Life" platform is built on H5, which can achieve good cross-platform adaptation. It can be seamlessly embedded in App, mini program, or it can be opened directly on PC end as a page with independent link address. However, while H5 brings convenience to users, it also brings many business risks to enterprises, such as information leakage, account cracking, collecting wool, etc. According to the data of Dingxiang Defense Cloud Business Security Intelligence Center, in the attack of malicious crawler stealing data, H5 pages account for 46% of the total attack volume, mini program accounts for 29%, Web end accounts for 18%, App end accounts for 5%, and other platforms account for 2%.

In order to prevent network crawler risks and ensure user account security, the "Smart Life" platform is equipped with Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA code, which is used for the registration and login verification of various services, so as to ensure the security of the pl2024032101.jpgatform.

The verification code can effectively prevent automated programs from maliciously registering, batch login attempts, and malicious attacks during registration, login and password retrieval. It ensures that the users who try to perform these operations are real human users, not malicious programs or hackers. At the same time, by requiring users to enter the verification code, it increases the difficulty of the account being cracked or stolen. Remind users to pay attention to account security and enhance users' trust in the platform.

atbCAPTCHA, as one of Dingxiang Defense Cloud modules, is an effective way to distinguish human users from automated robots. By requiring users to enter the verification code when registering or logging in, it can ensure that the account and password entered by the user are not obtained by malicious means, thus effectively preventing unauthorized access and attacks. atbCAPTCHA can not only prevent malicious users or advertisers from entering a large amount of spam information or abusing the registration and login window through automated means, effectively blocking malicious crawlers from misappropriating and stealing data, but also in the registration, login, query and other key links, real-time verification, judgment and interception of malicious accounts and malicious crawling behaviors.

The "Smart Life" platform is launched by Shushang Cloud, which mainly provides enterprises with full-chain digital operation services such as supply chain, supplier, procurement, channel distribution, B2B e-commerce system development, etc. Through technical data, it helps enterprises achieve digital transformation and create digital value, and meet the challenges of the times. of the times.

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