HarmonyOS: Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA Provides Verification Login Security for HarmonyOS Users

Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA has successfully adapted to HarmonyOS, becoming one of the first native HarmonyOS applications, helping to accelerate the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. 2024012201.png HarmonyOS aims to break down the boundaries between different devices, achieving ultra-fast discovery, ultra-fast connection, hardware collaboration, and resource sharing. To date, the number of ecosystem devices has exceeded 800 million, and there are over 200 leading enterprises with HarmonyOS native applications, covering convenient life, travel and tourism, financial investment, social information, productivity tools, audio and video entertainment, and games.

As one of the first HarmonyOS native application development partners, Dingxiang's multiple business security products have been perfectly adapted to the HarmonyOS system, providing business security capabilities such as identity verification, device verification, and device protection for HarmonyOS ecosystem users. It helps developers to develop efficient end-to-end tools, promote the deployment and operation of enterprise businesses on the HarmonyOS platform, and help the rapid development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Among them, Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA can provide more reliable security login verification and anti-fraud services for HarmonyOS ecosystem users. With the help of atbCAPTCHA technology, HarmonyOS ecosystem users can quickly complete identity verification without the need for tedious input operations and verification code recognition when performing login, registration, and other operations. This not only improves the convenience and fluency of the user experience, but also greatly reduces the risk of human operation errors.

Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA technology can quickly and accurately distinguish whether the operator is a human or a machine, accurately identify fraudulent behavior, timely identify malicious accounts, and batch registration malicious attacks, and monitor and block abnormal behavior in real time, ensuring the security of HarmonyOS ecosystem users' operations. Compared with the traditional username and password login method, Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA can reduce the input steps, making it more convenient for HarmonyOS ecosystem users to operate and log in, and greatly improving the service experience. 2024011902.jpg

In addition, Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA, with the support of AIGC technology, can prevent threats such as brute force cracking and automated attacks, effectively preventing unauthorized access, account theft, and malicious operations, thereby protecting the stability of the system. It integrates 13 verification methods and multiple control strategies, gathers 4,380 risk strategies, 112 risk intelligence, covering 24 industries and 118 risk types. Its control accuracy is as high as 99.9%, and it can quickly realize the transformation from risk to intelligence. At the same time, it supports safe users to pass without feeling, and the real-time countermeasure handling capability is also reduced to 60 seconds, further improving the convenience and efficiency of the digital login service experience. 2024012801.png Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA has accumulated rich cases in industries such as banking, e-commerce, aviation, transportation, games, education, tourism, media, government, and intelligent manufacturing, which can better provide HarmonyOS ecosystem users with a safe and secure protection scheme with rich practical experience.

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