atbCAPTCHA: Securing the Login of AI+Video Application Systems

Tiansin Technology, a company specializing in intelligent audio and video collaboration tools, has built a low-code-based audio and video collaboration PaaS platform that can quickly generate SaaS-level applications for different scenarios. It provides enterprises with scene-based service solutions based on the deep integration of AI+video, which enhances the ability of marketing lead generation, closing, customer service, and marketing repeat sales. It has been widely recognized by customers in the fields of insurance, banking, and consumer finance.

Through flexible product combinations and diversified product components, Tiansin Technology provides a variety of intelligent video solutions. Its Smart Sales Platform can provide on-demand remote video services, providing customers with functions such as document sharing, bidirectional whiteboard writing and drawing interaction. It can also identify customer questions and conversations in real time, providing service personnel with real-time answer prompts, thereby improving the professional level of service personnel and enhancing customer service quality and satisfaction.

In addition, the Integrated Video Service Platform integrates video with the existing text and voice customer service system to provide customers with online text consultation, telephone consultation, and one-click dial-in video seat service. The seat personnel can use screen sharing, electronic document transfer, and interactive whiteboards to conduct vivid business handling inquiries and business handling guidance remotely. The service recorder uses AI video analysis technology centered on cameras to reveal risks in financial and insurance transactions, realize recording and archiving, record the entire process of business handling, and provide enterprises with visible sales, visible service, and multimedia collaboration video communication services. 2024011501.png

To ensure network security capabilities, Tiansin Technology has taken a variety of security measures and recently introduced Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA technology to further enhance the security of its services. Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA can perform auxiliary verification to prevent machine login and enhance the security of account passwords. When the system account password is cracked, it can intercept machine cracking and password exhaustion attacks; when the attacker steals the account to log in from another location or changes the device to log in, it can timely analyze the risk based on environmental information and device information and issue a security warning; when the attacker uses the password recovery intention to crack the account, it can estimate the possible abnormal operations and provide risk decision-making data for security operations.

Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA, backed by AIGC technology, can prevent threats such as brute force cracking, automated attacks, and phishing attacks, effectively preventing unauthorized access, account theft, and malicious operations, thereby protecting the stability of the system. It integrates 13 verification methods and a variety of control strategies, and has accumulated 4,380 risk strategies, 112 types of risk intelligence, covering 24 industries and 118 types of risk types. Its control accuracy is as high as 99.9%, and it can quickly realize the transformation from risk to intelligence. It also supports safe users to pass without feeling, and the real-time countermeasure handling capability has also been reduced to 60 seconds, further improving the convenience and efficiency of the digital login service experience.

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