atbCAPTCHA: Helping Enterprises Secure Decisioning Engine Login

Decisioning engines are used to identify, assess, and manage risk, helping businesses and individuals reduce risk and improve security. In the financial industry, risk management can help financial institutions identify and assess credit risk, market risk, and operational risk, thereby reducing financial institution losses. In the insurance industry, risk management can help insurance companies identify and assess insurance risk, thereby improving insurance company profitability. In the manufacturing industry, risk management can help manufacturing companies identify and assess production risk and supply chain risk, thereby improving manufacturing company productivity. For e-commerce platforms, risk management systems can verify user identity, prevent fraudulent registrations, fraudulent orders, malicious cash withdrawals, and counterfeit goods. In addition, they can assess logistics risk, thereby preventing logistics fraud and logistics losses.

Decisioning engines are playing an increasingly important role in all industries, and the security risks of decisioning engine logins are also becoming increasingly prominent. As an important part of the risk management system, the login interface not only affects system configuration management, but is also an important line of defense against external attacks. Once this line of defense is breached, the security of the entire risk management system will be seriously threatened. A security risk survey of decisioning engine login interfaces shows that the main security threats faced by this link include weak password issues, unauthorized access, phishing attacks, and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). Decisioning engine security is very important. How to timely warn in advance before being stolen?

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E-pet Technology attaches great importance to security. In order to further secure the decisioning engine, it deployed Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA at the risk management login. Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA can conduct auxiliary verification to prevent machine logins and enhance security. When the decisioning engine account password is cracked, atbCAPTCHA can intercept machine cracking and password exhaustive matching behavior. In addition, when attackers steal accounts and log in from other places or change devices to log in, the verification code based on environmental information and device information can timely analyze risks and issue security warnings. Finally, when attackers use password recovery to intend to crack accounts, atbCAPTCHA can predict possible abnormal operations based on environmental, device, risk data, and proprietary risk control models, and provide risk decision-making data for security operations.

Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA integrates 13 verification methods and multiple control strategies, and has gathered 4380 risk strategies, 112 types of risk intelligence, covering 24 industries, and 118 types of risk. The control accuracy is >99.9%, and it can be transformed from risk to intelligence within 1 day. The industry risk perception capability is strengthened. At the same time, it supports safe users to pass without feeling, and the real-time countermeasure handling capability is even reduced to within 60 seconds. Help enterprises quickly verify their identity in scenarios such as login, registration, and payment, greatly improving the convenience and efficiency of service experience.erience.


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