atbCAPTCHA: Can protect company website data and account security

Websites need to take measures to prevent illegal registration and login, and captcha is one of the effective protection measures. Attackers often use automated tools to batch register website accounts to carry out malicious activities such as spam and brushing. Captcha can effectively prevent these automated tools, effectively prevent malicious programs or personnel from batch registering and logging in to the website. Malicious programs or personnel often use brute force cracking and other methods to try to log in to website accounts. Captcha can effectively increase the difficulty of brute force cracking, prevent malicious logins, and protect user privacy and property security.

In addition, malicious crawlers are also a risk faced by tech product websites. The "Malicious Crawler Report" released by Arkose Labs shows that in the third quarter of 2023, malicious crawler programs and fraudulent traffic accounted for 73% of internet traffic. Malicious crawlers are often used for content scraping, not only stealing content and republishing it on other channels, but also obtaining information from competitors for unfair competition. This not only damages the interests and reputation of legitimate websites, but also distorts the entire network ecosystem. Many times, websites may mistakenly think that their traffic has increased, but in fact they have been attacked by malicious crawlers.

Competitors may use crawlers to collect data from tech product companies' websites to learn about their products, technologies, market strategies, etc.; attackers may use crawlers to collect data from tech product companies' websites to find security vulnerabilities or steal sensitive information. In addition, malicious advertising crawler attacks: malicious advertisers may use crawlers to collect data on the traffic of tech product companies' websites to place more effective ads.


To protect user account security and prevent malicious crawler attacks, Cherrypicks, a local tech startup based in Hong Kong, has chosen Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA to secure its website accounts and data. Dingxiang atbCAPTCHA is one of the modules of Dingxiang Defense Cloud, which can effectively block malicious crawlers from stealing or misusing data. It can also conduct real-time verification, identification, and interception of malicious accounts and malicious crawling behaviors at key stages such as registration, login, and query. Through Dingxiang's invisible verification technology, Cherrypicks can more effectively prevent malicious crawler attacks and protect the security and privacy of its user data.

Cherrypicks is a local tech startup headquartered in Hong Kong and is now a subsidiary of NetDragon. It provides digital transformation, location intelligence, intelligent retail, financial technology, real estate technology, healthcare technology, and enterprise blockchain solutions.**


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