atbCAPTCHA: View Risk Data for Different Business Scenarios Online

Verification codes, as a key element of human-computer interaction interfaces, are an important part of identity verification, risk prevention, and data anti-crawling. They are widely used on websites, apps, etc., and play a huge role in various scenarios such as registration, login, transaction, interaction, etc. They have the functions of real-person recognition and identity verification, and also play an important role in ensuring account security.

Dingxiang's non-perceptual verification provides a visual background, supporting switching queries in two dimensions of channels and scenarios. Managers can view data from different channels such as websites, apps, mini-programs, H5, etc., and statistics from different scenarios under registration, login, password retrieval or other businesses. By supporting the switching of two dimensions of channels and scenarios, managers can more flexibly view and analyze the data statistics of the verification code system.

The verification code visual background has security advantages and can monitor the usage of the verification code in real time. By analyzing and visualizing the background data, the system performance can be better understood. Through the visual background, managers can view the key indicators of the verification code system in real time, including generation volume, usage volume, accuracy rate, etc. These data are displayed in forms such as charts and graphics, making the understanding and analysis of data more intuitive. It provides important decision-making basis for decision-makers to better adjust strategies and optimize operations. In addition, the visual background can also promote team collaboration and enable team members to better focus on and analyze data.

atbCAPTCHA: View Today's Verification Data

Dingxiang No-Sense Verification provides a series of detailed statistical data on verification code activities, including but not limited to daily request volume, daily verification volume, daily verification success volume, daily interception volume, daily pass rate, etc. Administrators can choose to view the time interval of these data as needed, in order to better understand the operation and business progress of the verification code system. 2023111601.png

Today's request volume: shows the number of times the verification code is requested on the same day, reflecting the system load and user activity.

Today's verification volume: shows the number of times the verification code is submitted for verification on the same day, reflecting user participation and verification pass rate.

Today's verification success volume: shows the number of times the verification code is verified successfully on the same day, reflecting the accuracy and reliability of the verification code.

Today's verification interception volume: shows the number of times the verification code verification requests are intercepted by the system on the same day, reflecting potential malicious behavior or abnormal requests.

Today's verification pass rate: shows the proportion of successful verification codes on the same day, reflecting the accuracy of the verification code and the correct rate of user input.

Today's verification ratio: shows the proportion of verification code requests in the total request volume on the same day, helping to understand the use of verification codes in the overall business process. 2023111602.png

Today's request volume TOP10: shows the request volume percentage of the 10 highest sources or regions on the same day, helping to understand the main user groups and active areas.

Today's request volume map: shows the distribution of request volume on the same day in a map form, helping to understand the request volume situation in different regions or areas across the country.

Through these indicators, administrators can better understand the operation of the verification code on the same day, timely discover abnormal situations and make corresponding adjustments and optimizations and stability, ensuring normal business operation.

atbCAPTCHA: View Future Trend Data

Dingxiang frictionless verification provides the ability to independently choose the desired time interval and conduct in-depth analysis and understanding of the verification system's operation status. It displays the verification activity trends of the verification system in the selected time range in the form of charts, including key indicators such as request volume, verification volume, verification success volume, etc. Managers can choose different time intervals, such as day, week, month, etc., to better understand business progress and change trends. 2023111603.png

Through verification statistics and verification trend charts, managers can more comprehensively understand the operation status and development trends of the verification system. This provides them with strong support for making more accurate and scientific decisions, helping them better adjust strategies, optimize operations, and ensure system stability and security.


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