atbCAPTCHA: Replace Website Registration and Login CAPTCHAs with Your Own Photos

As a key element of human-computer interaction interface, verification code is an important part of identity verification, risk prevention and data backcrawling. It is widely used on websites and apps, and plays a huge role in various scenarios such as registration, login, transaction and interaction. It has the functions of real person identification and identity verification, and also plays an important role in ensuring account security.

As part of an enterprise's business, the design of the CAPTCHA has a significant impact on the user experience. A concise, clear and easily identifiable appearance of the verification code can improve the efficiency of the user to complete the verification, reduce the user's fatigue, and is easier to be accepted and liked by the user. Through the unique design and professional sense, users can feel the concern of the enterprise for security and user experience, and increase their trust in the enterprise. This is particularly important in areas such as finance and e-commerce, where users have high security requirements.

As one of the important elements of the interaction between users and enterprises, the appearance of the verification code can reflect the style and characteristics of enterprises. The customized appearance of the verification code can integrate the enterprise's brand identity, slogan, advertising and other elements into it to achieve the publicity effect of the brand. When users use the verification code, they will unconsciously notice the brand information, thereby enhancing the cognition and memory of the brand, and thus enhancing brand awareness and exposure. Through the customized appearance of the verification code, enterprises can better shape their own image, convey the brand characteristics and values of the enterprise to users, so as to establish a good corporate imag

CAPTCHA: Replacing the Appearance of Traditional CAPTCHAs is Complex

General verification code, if you need to customize the appearance of the transformation, usually need the following steps.

First, the exterior design. Choose the appropriate colors, fonts, shapes, and other elements, and determine the overall interface layout and interaction. It is important to ensure that the design is consistent with the brand image and style of the company, and that it is visually appealing to the user. Secondly, according to the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript technology, the design draft is transformed into an interactive and displayable captCHA interface, and the corresponding dynamic effects and interactive features are added. Then, you need to test and optimize the appearance of the customized captCHA to ensure that the appearance of the Captcha will display and operate properly on a variety of devices and browsers. Finally, a custom CAPTCHA look is deployed to a website, App, or application to ensure it aligns with the company's image and goals. Top image atbCAPTCHA provides a convenient appearance change setting, you can change the appearance of the CAPTCH

atbCAPTCHA: Can Replace Images Online

Log in to the atbCAPTCHA management background and enter appearance management. You can choose Custom configuration, Logo configuration, and font configuration. The system can adjust some contents of each verification mode and preview them immediately. 2023102401.png

Under custom configuration, administrators can freely set the Settings as required. For example, configure the interference items, watermark depth and background image of the slider verification code, adjust the font, text size, font color, rotation, tilt, hollowing, target word count and total word count of the click verification code, and configure the map and icon of the scratch card verification code. Support font, text size, color, rotation, tilt, hollowing, etc. for the word order point verification code, and configure the atlas of out-of-order puzzles and rotating puzzles to verify dreams.

2023102402.png In the custom Settings, it should be noted that the image size can be selected as 300x150 pixels or 600x300 pixels, and the image needs to be less than 100KB 2023102403.png

In the Logo configuration, the system can customize the Logo of the verification code. You can upload the corresponding Logo file. The default size of the customized background LOGO image is 78 x 30px in png format. The administrator can customize the width of the Logo size, but the height must be fixed. 2023102404.png

In addition, under the font configuration, the administrator can upload the corresponding font file as required. 2023102405.png

atbCAPTCHA combines multiple technologies such as Device Fingerprinting, behavioral features, access frequency, and geographic location to effectively intercept malicious login, batch registration, block machine operation, and intercept abnormal users. Compared with traditional verification codes, users do not need to think or input operations. Verify with a simple swipe. After intelligent identification as normal users, in a certain period of time do not need to slide operations, not only to provide security for the enterprise but also to let users do not feel through, greatly improving the user experience.


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